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Completing Your Plan
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Business Meeting Discussion
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Business Meeting
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Helping You Live an Abundant Life

Miser Wealth Partners, LLC is a financial advisory firm located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our primary focus is to understand your current reality, listen to your concerns, and to advise you of and implement ways to accomplish your wishes for the future of your family’s wealth. We realize you may have a financial advisor or planner, a tax attorney, an accountant, a real estate agent, a healthcare advocate, and an insurance specialist, but when was the last time all of them were actively collaborating on your behalf? That is what Miser Wealth Partners, LLC delivers to our clients. Our network of professionals is comprised of those with their Masters in Tax Law, CFP, MBA, CPA, and JD designations. The lives of our clients are monitored very closely. Their heirs are educated about our work with their benefactors as we aim to create seamless wealth transitions that are optimized on behalf of our clients in accordance with their unique goals in mind.

Income Planning              Tax Mitigation             Wealth Transfer          Investment Positioning


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9111 Cross Park Drive, Suite D228 Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

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