Income Planning

Study after study has shown that the happiest retirees are those that have guaranteed sources of retirement income.  Those sources may be from social security, pensions, annuities and military benefits.  Guaranteed income isn't derived from rental properties or stock and bond investments.  We focus on determining your income gap and then designing new "pension-like" streams of income that you can never outlive. 

Income Gap.jpg

(Chart is for illustrative purposes only.)

Let's determine your income gap.  It is simple.  Just answer the following questions and fill in the circles above.

  1. What is the age of the oldest person you know? (MINUS)

  2. Age you want to retire? (EQUALS)

  3. Number of years you need your retirement income.

  4. How much money will you need each year in retirement? (MINUS)

  5. How much of this money will be covered by Social Security, pensions or annuities? (EQUALS)

  6. Your guaranteed income gap or shortfall.

After we determine your income gap, we work to evaluate and possibly re-position a portion of your assets to create customized "pension-like" cash flows that reduce exposure to market risk, sequential risk, interest-rate risk, withdrawal rate risk, and longevity risk.  After this process, the likelihood of running out of money should greatly decrease.