Our Story

Derek A. Miser, President   
Miser Wealth Partners, LLC was founded upon the core Midwestern values that I was reared upon growing up in a small farm community within Posey County, Indiana, not far from where the Ohio and Wabash Rivers converge into the Mississippi River.  I watched my middle-class parents track 30 miles each way back and forth to work whether it was snowing, raining or sun-shining, day-after-day, week-after-week, and year-after-year to provide for me and build a secure future for their retirement.  I learned that building wealth was not easy and life had its own way of placing challenges in your way.  However, with consistent hard work and focus, you could achieve your long-term goals.
This is why, when I am presenting to a group of pre- or post-retirees, I feel a significant level of respect for the hard work and sacrifices they made to accumulate their financial wealth.  The long hours and tough decisions to stick with their savings plan are not lost upon me as their financial advisor.  I respect their sacrifices and appreciate their perspectives on how they want to live their lives and/or transition their wealth to their heirs or chosen charitable organizations.