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Miser Wealth Partners, LLC | Knoxville, TN

Specialty Insurance Services

Specialty Insurance - Corporate Planning
"Bespoke insurance products for niche market segments."

The needs of our clients are broad and diverse. Specialty Insurance is an area of service where we deliver and underwrite bespoke products for niche market segments such as real estate investment, professional service firms, financial services, sports, accident & health. We are unrestricted and able work with all the world's premium insurers and service clients in over 25 states and around the world.

Our Insurance Programs

  • Builders Risk Insurance
  • Community Risk Insurance
  • Contractors Risk Insurance
  • Cyber and Media Liability Insurance
  • Drone Risk Insurance
  • Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Excess Management Liability Insurance
  • Excess Professional Liability Insurance
  • Hospitality Liability Insurance
  • Healthcare Liability Insurance
  • Life Science Risk Insurance
  • Liquor Sales Risk Insurance
  • Manufacturing Risk Insurance
  • Luxury Home Insurance
  • Public Officials Liability Insurance
  • Marijuana Business Risk Insurance
  • Music/Movie Production Risk Insurance
  • School Administration Risk Insurance
  • Security Business Risk Insurance
  • Sports Injury Liability Insurance
  • Tank Liability Insurance
  • Travel Risk Insurance