Wealth Transfer

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Wealth can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the complexity of one's estate.  Some of the wealthiest families in US history felt that their true wealth was the intellectual capital that propelled their success in business.  It was this wealth that they so wanted to preserve and pass on from generation to generation.  So often this depository of wealth resides in so few and it becomes our job to document and guide the process so that not only the tangible wealth is preserved, but more importantly, the family "bank of knowledge" is properly captured and protected for the benefit of generations.

These processes are not simple, but as they say, you have to eat an elephant one bite at a time.  Below, we have listed some of the services we provide and conduct as part of our wealth transfer services.

  • Collect, review and evaluate all legal documents such as wills, POAs, healthcare directives, trust documents, plus any other documents/agreements related to your estate;

  • Evaluate, recommend and implement a superior asset protection plan that achieves flexibility with premium protection;

  • Family engagement.  The work and time to meet one-on-one with each family member and understand their unique needs, relationships, communication style, leadership dynamics and to fully understand where they truly are in their lives. Their own perspective of your mission is vital to successful fulfillment and wealth optimization;

  • Interview qualified credit sources who could become credit banking partner(s) for expansion of long-term real estate holdings;

  • Implement a financial literacy program for G3 that educates them on topics such as passive income, tax, and cash flow investing;

  • Deliver comprehensive financial planning support to all G2 members so that at the conclusion of this process they understand how to weave and optimize their inheritance in productive efforts when in their businesses, nonprofit activities or other personal or community endeavors;

  • Capture and document your own intellectual library of experiences via podcast/videocast, so that your family can benefit from your life's experience.  This is conducted by us and on a periodic schedule. You pick a topic and we interview you for about 45-minutes every two weeks. We edit it down to 30-minute clips that your entire family can access anytime they need advice on how to handle an issue that might arise in their lives.    This can be expanded to multiple members of your family who have experiences and ideas to contribute;

  • Proactive dialogue about "what-ifs" related to items such as--"what happens to your dogs if something happens simultaneously to you both?"; "Who will administer your estate artwork?--Where does it go?  Who gets each individual piece?"; "How are our collections of firearms distributed?--Who will oversee this activity and ensure it adheres to domestic and international laws if distributed overseas to a beneficiary?" Documenting these outcomes helps avoid disputes and unnecessary litigation that cost your overall estate thousands of dollars;

  • Investment Policy.  What governs present and future investments?  What triggers sales?  When do you walk away from the deal? What is a minimum return on capital?  What is our maximum leverage in the portfolio?;

  • Establish a "global concierge medical plan" which you and you're entire family can access no matter where you or they are traveling around the world.  This medical plan gives everyone access to top specialists 24-hours-a-day no matter where the emergency occurs.

  • Implement a complete and comprehensive cyber-security program.  This program would protect everyone in your family.  One feature of such a plan would include the ability to mask and protect against anyone from being able to track you or your loved ones worldwide, as well as, protect key personal and business-related data.  Data theft is one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide and should not be overlooked.